QR Code contact card

Instantly add our full contact details and map location into your smartphone's phonebook or contacts list with one simple action.

Scan this code to add our contact details to your phone
What is a QR code and what does it do?

A QR code is similar to a barcode and contains data that is readable with the correct device. This QR code contains our contact card, once scanned with a smartphone it will instantly add DNA's full contact details into your mobile phonebook or contacts list. From here you will be able to phone or email us directly from your mobile or even find our location on the map or find us with your satnav.

How do I scan the QR code?

Firstly you will need a smartphone with a built-in camera, such as an iPhone or Android handset. Secondly you will need a 'barcode reading' App installed on your phone. Try searching the Market place for 'Barcode Reader' from your Android phone or search the App Store for 'RedLaser' on your iPhone. From here its as simple as launching the App and pointing your phones camera at the QR code.