Take That Progress Tour

So I’ve been waiting for my mum to take me to see ‘Take That’ since she promised me when I was 12. 15 years later and we’re approaching Wembley Stadium. Joking as we walked up to the massive building pointing to the top, that we’d be sat right up there and guess what? We were 9 rows from the very top. I had to cling onto the hand rails to even get to my seat, what a view though. You can’t help being overwhelmed by the shear scale of the place and the fact that the lucky people down in the standing area look like ants.

We got comfy in our seats and supped on our plastic cups of lager and lime. I had expected it to be dark but it was sunny daylight with the roof open as the support act ‘The Pet Shop Boys’ started. They were pretty cool and had dancers with coloured boxes on their heads. It could have been a bit more exciting but I wasn’t there for them, I was there for TAKE THAT!!

Mark, Gary, Jason and Howard came on and the whole place went wild. As we were in Wembley Stadium, Mark Owen (My Favourite) thought it would be appropriate to sing the National Anthem so, hand on hearts, we all stood and sang. They continued to do a set with the songs that brought them back, such as ‘Patience’. Next up we had Mr Robbie Williams, who was brilliant live.

And then, what we’d all been waiting for ? ‘Take That’ as a five piece again. They were absolutely awesome and the show was spectacular with a 60ft mechanical robot which emerged from behind the stage. They performed on the hands of the robot as it moved out, singing old classics and new hits from their ‘Progress’ Album. There were also six aerialist dancers from Cornwall called ‘Incandescence’ and 30 dancers who climbed a towering wall of water during the song ‘The Flood’.

£15 million was spent on the production of this tour, so the set was incredible and costumes were amazing. Overall, a fantastic concert. Next time I’d like to be standing at the front. Also I would definitely stay at the ‘Ibis’ right next to the stadium as it wasn’t fun trying to squeeze thousands of people onto a tube. It took 2 hours to get back to our hotel!!

(Opinion: Sarah Thomson ? Designer)

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  1. Agree with you on this one Sarah, it was a great show! I saw them at Wembley too and was in the very last row……its a long way up!