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I’ve recently set up a new online e-commerce business from scratch and have researched various unorthodox ways of short-cutting to better performance in the Search Engines. There’s a lot of debate about whether or not you can buy a domain name with a page rank and use it to get a head start, but nobody seems to provide a succinct answer.┬áThe truth of the matter is as follows (please correct me if I’m wrong):

You can buy a domain with a page rank from various websites. Just Google it and you’ll find them. Some of these page ranks seem to be legitimate and some appear to be falsified, so please beware. Once you direct the domain at your own server and give it your own content, it is likely that Google will reclassify the page rank as PR0. However, if the domain you bought performs well in existing online searches and already has numerous inbound links in place (which you can check before you buy), it is likely that you will achieve a better page rank far more quickly than if you set up a site from scratch with an entirely new domain.

If you want straightforward, professional advice on marketing your website – including whether or not Twitter and other social media will deliver a return on your investment – please give us a call.

(Opinion: Jim Green – MD)


At the risk of being a bit contentious, isn’t all this talk about getting ROI from social media a bit waffly? I don?t think it?s that difficult.

Social media is like any other media ? it presents an opportunity for people and businesses to communicate a message to an audience. Just like any other media, its ability to yield a return on investment will depend on how well it is used to carry relevant, compelling messages to the relevant audience, in such a way that it will inspire them to engage and do business.

Can social media yield a return on investment? Absolutely. Can that be measured? Yes (although not necessarily very easily). Will social media yield a return on investment every time? No. Is it possible to invest a lot of time, effort and resources into social media – even gaining a lot of interest and influence – and never achieve a penny of ROI? Definitely.