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A dull press release is likely to find the bin!

DNA isn’t a PR agency and we’re not trying to be one. Yes, we think it’s important to have a joined up communications strategy and yes, PR is an important part of the communications mix, but you can’t be all things to all men. We can deliver better results by working in partnership with specialists (so that’s what we do).

Working with a good PR person can achieve incredible results (I once witnessed someone secure a motorcycle manufacturer more than £60,000-worth of coverage with two phone calls) but if you don’t have the budget, it’s also possible to achieve measurable results on your own. After all, who knows the interesting aspects of your business better than you?!

Here are a few tips that might help…


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Our PR Manager worked her magic as this month we opened the local newspaper to find our Devonport news story splashed across the front of the business pages. Our Webteam has been getting rave reviews for the DNA built & designed www.devonportyachts.com, with special mention of the homepage movie showing a fictional yacht completly created in CGI. Team Web design Devon based, and looking great!

But please ignore the Christmas decorations in our team pic – they used an old image from previous press coverage ? Smile everyone!

Click here to view the article in full.

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