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This is old news, but I recently rediscovered this gem-of-a-website and thought I’d share it on the off-chance it had been missed. This interactive experience (launched last year) has Dita Von Teese invite you on a private (and naughty… got your interest?) tour of the Perrier Mansion – don’t be shy, but this tour might have you blushing. Beautifully shot and seductively paced, this website is a prime example of the strength of online advertising and brand building over conventional routes to market. It paid off – with the site a viral success. Pooling the talents of Ogilvy (France), B-Rell and Nylon Studios, the site comprises everything I love about integrated online media – great interface graphics and animation, seamless interaction, cinematic film-making & soundscape and risqué viral marketing. A dream job, if one for the boys.

View the website http://www.perrierbydita.com/
You can also find a host of clips on YouTube

(Opinion: Jon Price ? Designer)

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We all believe that computer gaming over the past few years has become more interactive. To date, most of the ‘so called’ interactive games, still put you as another character within the game, such as ‘Drake’ in Uncharted (PS3). However, you are never actually yourself within the game. But surely, the whole point of interaction, is the ability to truly interact with the environment and the character/s within that environment and that they can react with you. I’m not talking about wearing a headset, or some eyewear trickery. What I’m talking about is the next generation of gaming, where you can talk to characters, show facial expressions and build a relationship with a character through the TV/Computer screen. You will have the ability to have conversations and truly interact with their environment in ways that you thought would never be possible. Anyway, enough of me waffling on, take a look for yourself – be prepared to be blown away – I was.

Article by Paul Mabin – Creative Director / Managing Director

Read our 2 lovely comments