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Some of you may remember me posting a link to a YouTube video that I produced from my 9 day Safari holiday in Tanzania, back in September 2019. The video was posted in October 2019 and has now achieved over 1,000 unique hits on YouTube. Having not done anything like this before for my own personal enjoyment, I am amazed that so many people have viewed it. For those of you that did not get chance to view the video last time round, here it is again.

Article by: Paul Mabin – Managing Director

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I have finally got round to editing over 1.5 hours of footage taken by my nephew (Murray Dorrans age 14), while we were all on Safari in Tanzania. Don’t worry I have condensed it down to around 4.5 minutes and have worked the footage around Disney’s, The Lion King (Original Broadway Cast Recording) ‘Circle of Life’ soundtrack. The footage was imported onto a Mac and edited using the pre-installed Apple iMovie software. It’s the first time I have ever used this software, but without reading any manuals or consulting help files, I managed to put it together myself. The Apple iMovie software was an absolute joy to use and incredibly intuitive. Anyway, I hope that you enjoy it! It features some imagery that I did not manage to capture using my Canon DSLR.

Article by Paul Mabin – Managing Director

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After doing some recent research for one of our clients, I came across some advertising produced for BMW. Believe it or not, these adverts were actually used, but mainly in Greece. I’m not sure that we would get away with them in the UK. If you dig deeper into these campaigns and read forums and blogs, they have been causing outrage and controversy for years, with claims that they are ‘demeaning’, ‘sexist’, ‘chauvinistic’ and ‘degrading’. However, whether we like them or not, BMW must be having the last laugh. The very fact that people are talking about these adverts all over the world, whether in a good light or bad, can only be more publicity for BMW. As the old adage goes, their is no such thing as bad publicity – however, not quite sure BP would agree with that statement at the moment.

Opinion – Paul Mabin (Creative Director / Managing Director)

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Earlier in the week I wrote an article on the Canon 5D MKII, shooting HD content for the last episode of House. While writing that article I was interrupted by the sound of Naaa, Na Na, Na Na Naaa. Yep, you guessed it – the intro to Coronation Street. Not a programme that I generally watch, but my beloved wife Donna loves it – I wonder how many men say the same thing? Anyway, I glanced over to see the intro and noticed that, at last, it has changed after being the same intro for about a million years or so. Apparently it’s to coincide with the first episode being broadcast in HD.

Don’t worry though, you hardened Corrie fans, the cat walking across the flat roof and the image of outside the Rovers Return are still present. However, those of you that don’t like drop focus imagery are not going to like it. I think it’s a welcome addition to the Street. Let’s hope that the rest of the programme gets updated – spoken by a true ‘Enders’ fan.

Well done ITV.

Article by Paul Mabin

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As a budding amateur photographer, I always keep abreast on what is happening in the digital arena. I have recently purchased a Canon 5D MKII after much research. The reason for my purchase was to add something extra to my photography – higher resolution (21.1MP) as well as a better image sensor and full HD video capture.

I have been extremely impressed with the camera so far, after only a couple of weeks of use. However, I have been more impressed with some of the work produced by other companies using the 5D MkII.

The last episode of House aired on 17th May and was shot entirely on a Canon 5D MKII. The House director Greg Yaitanes was available after the programme to answer any questions viewers may have had by using twitter. One of the questions asked was “how was the quality compared to the cameras traditionally used?”. Gregs’ response to this was “I loved it and feel it’s the future – cameras that can give you these looks”.

Greg also used the entire range of Canon Prime lenses as well as Canon 24-70mm and Canon 70-200mm zoom lenses. The effects are amazing. By combining the use of such a competent camera, twinned with Canon prime lenses, the style of imagery created is simply stunning. The subtleties, the use of depth of field, the clarity and colour help make this episode a visual treat.

The outcome was as engaging as any other House episode. I don’t think this will be last time we’ll see a Canon DSLR camera being used in the same way for TV film production or for movies. You may even see a film from me in the future – if I ever find the time!

Article written by Paul Mabin

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The recently launched Apple iPad may not instantly deliver the commercial impact of the iPhone, but it represents another important step towards the inevitable convergence of the personal computer and the publishing industry. Whether we like it or not, the way we design is going to change forever.

Before long, graphic designers (and photographers) will have to start working in a different way. Using devices such as the Apple iPad, the consumer will be able to access all kinds of ‘publication’ electronically – which will undoubtedly feature both still images and, increasingly, video content and animation. Not only is video more engaging, it is also easier and faster to consume – an important factor in today’s ever-busier society. Like it or not, most of us that don’t currently ‘do’ moving pictures are soon going to have to learn. (There are already professional cameras on the market, such as the Canon 7D, which can capture both stills and full HD video. This is no accident.)

Currently, many agencies deal with, say, press advertising entirely separately from digital, television and video; indeed clients often use a different agency for one than they do for another; but increasingly there’s a call for integrated campaigns and for agencies that can deliver value across multiple channels. Promotions are becoming multi-dimensional, which adds complexity (and an interesting challenge) for the agencies that dream them up. Ultimately the agencies that will gain an advantage are those that can become truly media agnostic – those that can combine static content with rich media and whose ideas can work across all types of platform.

It’s up to the design and photographic industries to embrace new technology and to guide their clients on this fascinating journey we’re all taking. Sure, this will mean investment and upskilling for many of us, but the benefit will be the ability to offer a more holistic approach to corporate communications and, with it, client retention and loyalty (not to mention how interesting all of our jobs will become!).

The iPad is another signal that the publishing and design industries are in the middle of a revolution.  We wait with bated breath to see where it will lead!

[Opinion: Paul Mabin - Creative Director]

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This is the first advert we’ve produced for our new luxury brand client, Ettinger. The ad was designed specifically around Ettinger’s range of luggage and was placed in the travel section of Country & Town House magazine.

Our initial intention was to photograph the luggage against a fairly plain background, thus focussing the attention on the quality and detail of the product; however, as an alternative, we printed out a large format version of an antiquated world map – not only giving the image some context, but also alluding to the heritage and traditional values of the brand. This was the preferred option.

The advert is essentially a brand builder, although it incorporates clear calls to action – driving potential customers to Ettinger’s e-commerce site and London showroom. Both worth a visit if you’re into English luxury with a twist!

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And we think it’s been cold here in Britain! Minus 5? Luxury.

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