Friday the 30th of September gave us some unseasonal, fantastic weather and in true Brit spirit, BLOGDIR were out in force to milk every single last ray of sunshine! Where better to do it than the cultural heartland of the bay, the all-round summer refuge for the classic British seaside experience – where age-old penny arcades stand proudly upon a 114 year old Pier, where buckets, spades, inflatables and fish & chips are the order of the day? Well, Paignton of course! Accompanied by Sarah T’s woofter Bella, the BLOGDIR crew enjoyed some sweet R&R on our lunch break. We sure know how to live.

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  1. Looks like you guys had a fab lunch break on the Pier – you’ve got to make the most of this unseasonal sunshine!

  2. Sarah

    Thursday – team BLOGDIR curry night
    Friday – team BLOGDIR hit the beach/arcades
    Monday – team BLOGDIR check out the brand spanking new Asda

    …I have to say I am VERY excited about todays adventure!