Yesterday saw the very first BLOGDIR Curry Club night. It was a serious meeting of stomachs as we sampled spicy, fragrant delights of the East whilst mopping our sweaty brows with chutney soaked napkins. As this mini feast was as the brainchild of JB – we thought we’d honour the night after him! Not a bad turn out for a first time – and yes, despite the picture it was more than just Paul and Sarah tucking in!

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  1. Are ‘outsiders’ welcome? If so, when’s the next one?!

  2. Yes, but not you. Only kidding! We’re considering making it an end of month event Jimbo, so give us a shout if you might be in the neighborhood! We may well change the venue and possibly the cuisine, just to keep our bellies guessing!

  3. Where was this then exactly? I don’t recognise it as the Mahabharat, London – this is defintely a lot posher-looking

  4. Oh it was just down the road Richard, at a local bistro – not as fancy as an all-out Indian Restaurant… Maybe next time!