Yesterday saw the very first BLOGDIR Curry Club night. It was a serious meeting of stomachs as we sampled spicy, fragrant delights of the East whilst mopping our sweaty brows with chutney soaked napkins. As this mini feast was as the brainchild of JB – we thought we’d honour the night after him! Not a bad turn out for a first time – and yes, despite the picture it was more than just Paul and Sarah tucking in!

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A fresh new look has been applied to the latest brochure suite for Princess Yachts, one of DNA?s higher profile clients. We are always looking to evolve and improve their brand presence and this year have looked to specialist print finishes and materials as well as looking at sizes, design and production.┬áDNA were responsible for helping to save significant costs on print as well as adding a more pro-active and structured approach to this year’s brochure suite. The process, which starts around 8 months before the main boat show season, includes art direction on photography, print management, a lengthy design and artworking process, image retouching and inputting copy for 7 languages. However, the most important part of the process is the concept stage, which involves talking to Princess Yachts staff, customer feedback and looking at industry trends. Once the concepts are approved, the design process begins. The culmination of all this hard work is the printed article itself. This year the V Class and Flybridge brochures feature an uncoated softback cover with accented foil blocking and clear varnish elements to the type. The guts of all three brochure types were printed on a high gloss stock with a gloss coating to help lift and add vibrancy to all the images. The Generic brochure featured a hardback cover with matt laminate and silver foil and used a new lifestyle image photographed in Thailand earlier in the year.

The brochure suite has been well received by Princess Yachts and launches to the general public at the Southampton Boat Show, which starts 16th September and runs through to Sunday 25th September. For your copy, why not visit the show, or contact Princess Yachts directly – www.princessyachts.com

Pictured below: Simon Clare (Marketing Manager for Princess Yachts) at the recent press pass signing off a section of the V Class brochure suite.

Article by Paul Mabin – Managing Director

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