It was the time for high-vis vests and ear plugs as the two Sarahs and JP headed over to the British Ceramic Tile factory for a tour of the new plant.

Although reopened some years ago, with the new brochures looming, we thought it apt for a refresher course and to show newbie DNA designer Sarah what happens behind those closed doors. The £40m expansion was certainly impressive and our guided tour from raw materials to a gorgeous product from the latest Laura Ashley range was fascinating ? with automated robotic flatbeds zipping about the shop floor delivering tiles, giant silos that look like they belong in a science museum, state-of-the-art biscuit (not that kind!) conveyor networks and 1000°C kilns. The new plant has been modelled to accommodate new machinery in line with its plans to grow, to meet a target output of 30,000sqm tiles a day.

You can join Barry online in a step-by-step journey  here.

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  1. Call me hostile but these infantile attempts to show how versatile you can be are quite futile… If you get my meaning.

    Hope all’s well in Woodland Close x