If you run any website then the answer is most probably yes! Until now the law has stated that as long as users can opt-out of having cookies set on their computer by your website then this is OK, but as of the 26th of May 2011 this is changing. The new law will state that you must get users to expressly opt-in to having your site set cookies on their computer.

Do I even use cookies on my site?

Most websites use cookies in some form or another, be it for tracking users via third-party ad networks or simply displaying a different font size or colour based on users’ preferences. Beyond one small caveat in the rules they do not distinguish between those that grab your details and track your every move to those that aid you in using a site.

As a simple example, do you use Google Analytics on your website? If you do then the new law states you must tell users and get them to tick a box to say they are OK with this before accessing your site!


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Not breaking news this, but it did make me chuckle so I thought I’d share it. A few weeks back I was at my first BBQ of the year when a friend pulled out a solid white wedge from his pocket and professed it to be the ‘Anti Smart Phone’. It doesn’t have a camera, it can’t access the internet, it has one ringtone and can’t even send or receive text messages… The no frills design, devised by Diedriekje Bok is certainly self-aware; there is a physical address book on the back where you can ‘write’ your text messages with the included stylus pen, and even play games (naughts and crosses)…

John’s Phone‘ - “The World’s Most Simple Phone” is so anti-fashion, it’s actually quite a cool (if expensive £59.99), slightly eccentric novelty. The official website reads: ”John’s Phone is a no-nonsense mobile phone, it doesn’t pretend to be anything more: no bull****, just a phone to call, talk and hang up on.” Well, we had a good laugh at it, what do you think?

(Opinion: Jon Price ? Designer)

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Following the success of the Rowcroft Sleep Walk campaign, we were contacted by St. Margaret?s Hospice enquiring if we could help them with their sponsored walk and after party fundraising event, ?Nightstrider?.

The Somerset based hospice is a lifeline to people with life limiting illnesses and their families and the event runs every year to raise funds for the worthy cause. To emphasise the uniqueness of this event over other nightwalks, DNA created a festival themed design to run throughout the campaign which comprises of a transactional website, e-newsletters, social media and printed collateral.

The event is going ahead on the 17th June and promises to be a great night with a fun walk, fabulous after party and camping fun for those who want to stay over. Spaces for the sponsored walk are filling up fast so to secure your spot or have a nosey at the site go to: www.nightstrider.org.uk

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In preparation for Rowcroft Hospice’s ‘Sleep Walk’ women’s-only charity night walk event, the Rowcoft team have begun selling promotional merchandise and giving out their famous training t-shirts. Sarah popped down to the wonderful surrounds in the bay to pick up her shiny new tee only to find not just Barbara promo items galore, but a special appearance from the Sleep Walk mascot herself!

The success from the promotion of the event has seen 1800 walkers sign up in 2 months with over 200 on their waiting list ? great news!

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A huge “Thank you” to everyone that helped us smash our target, donating for such a worthy cause. At 121% of our target, DNA’s ‘Row Yellow: Rowing for Rowcroft’ charity event raised a fantastic £1146.41 (including gift aid) as the DNA team took turns to row the distance of The Channel and back again! 9.5 hours of sweat and aching bottoms later and the team had reached the magic 60 miles, with the whole event streamed live!

So again, thank you to those who donated – we really appreciate your support and Rowcroft Hospice will use your donations to continue their fantastic work. See the final slo-mo stretch on our YouTube page

Or relive the experience here on UStream and scroll down to the recent videos.

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On 18th April, Sarah Thomson joined the DNA team. Sarah has a passion for the industry and has been working in design for over 4 years in both the print and digital arena. She left her previous role, managing a small team of designers to join DNA. We see Sarah as a great and welcomed addition to our creative team and I know she is excited to get stuck into more creative projects and work with our prestigious clients.

Welcome aboard Sarah.

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