On the roads, 2009 hasn’t been great so far for DNA. Between us we’ve had 3 vehicles written off! This wouldn’t be ideal at any time, but in the midst of recession…?!

You’ll be glad to hear all involved are fine with no lasting injuries!

As you might imagine, the whole situation has caused quite a lot of friction here in the studio… We simply can’t agree whose crash was the best!! Katie caused the most mayhem, Jim managed 2 vehicles in one year and Simon simply jumped on the bandwagon with an old photo from a few years ago.

Katie's crash

Simon's crash

Jim's crash

Jim's bike crash

Can you help us settle it? Cast your vote below and help us decide who gets the beers…

Who's had the best crash?

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  1. That’s why I get the bus!

  2. Daewoo Matiz – probably would have fallen apart anyway.  Vauxhall Astra (?) – good riddance.  Bike – if it needs whopping great red arrows to point out where it got scratched, it can’t be that serious.  Vauxhall VX220 – now that’s a good car, a significant loss to the wider population as much as to the individual.
    [Not my words, dear reader, but those of Matthew, son of John, who has just voted!]