Work Experience

It?s always nice to get the chance to nurture young talent, and this week we?re hoping we?ve done just that. Jack Smith, 16, from London Boys? Grammar School has been visiting us to get some work experience in the advertising industry. Jack?s eager to get stuck-in and it seems like Paul?s found plenty for him to do. So remember his name; he may be one to watch for the future! 

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Have I stumbled across one of the most obscure and self-indulgent set of logo guidelines ever conceived? Possibly. This has been posted online by a disgruntled designer…

Quote: ?I happened to be able to overhear a conversation regarding the new [Pepsi] logo, and actually had to interrupt because I’ve never heard a discussion over anything so ludicrous in my life. It really hammers in the stereotype of Advertising in general, and the complete idiocy that can go in to marketing, and give it a bad name.? – Anon

Looking something like Einstein?s theory of relativity, these guidelines are quite entertaining, if overcompensated with no real grip on reality whatsoever. Each page is that bit more insane than the last, and therefore I suggest you stick with it until the unveiling of the ?The Pepsi Universe?… help us all

He’s posted a link for download here.

(Opinion: Jon Price ? Designer)

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