EuroBOSS is an event like no other, allowing ex-Formula one cars to be thrashed around prestigious circuits across Europe, it cannot fail to be entertaining. With a recent EuroBOSS event taking place at the Ascari RaceResort in Spain, there could be no better time to drop by for a visit, and Paul and Simon were lucky enough to get an invitation. With Klaas Zwart ? the owner and proprietor of Ascari itself- coming first in the race, there was much to celebrate. The informal visit allowed DNA to lend their support and talk about future projects, while enjoying the glorious views and amazing entertainment the event and the resort have to offer. The guys even got a passenger ride in a Radical! If you would like to find out more about EuroBOSS check out the website at www.eurobossf1.com. For more details on the AscariRaceResort visit www.ascari.net.

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