Final Days of Freedom

We are pleased to announce that our very own Chris Keeley and his lovely lady are to tie the knot this month, and as is tradition before the happy event a stag weekend was inevitable. As Chris is at his desk today, we can only assume that the usual stag japery was kept to a minimum although the fine �rum bags’ under his eyes suggest the alcohol wasn’t! Congratulations Chris, we will all await our wedding invites.

They say the best things come in two’s, well as stag weekends go this must be true as our merry head of client services, Richard travelled to bonny Scotland to celebrate another unrelated event of the stag variety. With the main entertainment being white water rafting and river bugging, Richard returns to us today slightly dazed and confused, sporting some fearsome bruising to numerous limbs.

Pictures coming soon…

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After weeks of careful planning, our creative director, Paul Mabin and lead designer on the Ascari project, Jon Price took their carefully selected photography crew all the way to the Ascari Race Resort in sunny Spain. With Jon directing the film crew and Paul directing the stills shoot the results were outstanding, helped in part by having Darren Heath, the official photographer of the FIA on the team and our own Sarah Znideric organising the entire event from back in our London offices here in blighty.

Now starts the arduous task of sifting through hundreds of photographs and many hours of film footage…. Watch this space for the results!

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